Native Visit, September 2016

A voluntary teacher named Gautier from France visited some classes to motivate and inspire the students to learn English. The students were engaged with him enthusiastically during his short presentation on his personal info and country.


Malin Kundang Legacy

End of year performances were held at SD PL Don Bosko and SD PL Bernardus. One of them was an English drama of Malin Kundang performed by some students of grade two.

English Talent Show at Gramedia

Students from various schools in Semarang including SD PL Santo Yusup participated in an event held by Gramedia. The event was to provide a stage to the participants to show their English talents. They showed how good they are in English in forms of singing, storytelling, and miming and acting in drama performance. Loisa Daniela Anthony was elected as “The Most Talented Participant” and Amanda Maren was the second winner in the competition. Both of them are from SD PL Santo Yusup.